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Squirrel found! What to do?

First of all, please call us!

056 / 664 68 84 oder 079 / 465 16 94

Always remember that the squirrel is a wild animal. Although it’s still a baby, it is absolutely not accustomed to humans and their sounds. Often the found squirrel is totally shocked, because of the seperation from his mother and his siblings. This is certainly not easy for the animal.

Fast and competent acting contributes substantially to the survival of the little squirrel!!!

Meanwhile you can continue as follows…

The little foundling must necessarily be kept warm, because usually discovered animals are totally overcooled. Until the box with the hot water bottle is ready, wrap in a sweater or a towel.

Find a suitable cardboard box with a lid and please make enough holes in it so that the little one has an adequate air supply.

The little one must necessarily have warm. To do this, fill, for example, a hot water bottle halfway with lukewarm water (Note: Water should not be hot because of heat build-up) and place it into the cardboard box.

Put a thick towel over the heat source, so that the little one can not be burnt.

Model with a thinner cloth a kind of nest.

Place the small squirrel gently into the nest, it will feel warm and secure. For security reasons close the box with the lid and place it in a safe place where it can not fall down or other animals can get to it. The little one now needs peace urgently.

Our phone number:

079 465 16 94

056 664 68 84


Please refrain in any case from feeding the squirrel! Incorrect feeding with example cow's milk, the squirrels suffers great damage and dies.

If the discovered squirrel is cared for and cosy, you should return to the spot where you found the squirrel. If the mother had an accident, the siblings of the boulder are often not far away. Search the area thoroughly, look under bushes or on trees. It has often happened that the whole litter has been found, sometimes over several days.

If necessary, and the squirrel is severely dehydrated (it has too little fluid in the body), you can
carefully and slowly dribble a few drops of electrolyte solution on the lip. Every 10 minutes with a ml syringe (without the needle!)

But beware, the squirrel must first feel warm!

One must make sure that the animal doesn’t choke, because then there is the risk of pneumonia. The electrolyte solution is only a temporary solution, you can not nurse the squirrel this way. It is only to stabilize its circulation and give him enough fluid for the moment.

Recipe electrolyte solution:

½ teaspoon of salt

3 teaspoons of glucose

Dissolve in 5 dl boiled water

You can also buy
Normolytarol (sachets dissolving grades) in a pharmacy.

Some food for thought:

Clearly, baby - squirrels are extremely sweet. (Like all other animal babies too)

However everyone should keep in mind that breeding and subsequent reintroduction belongs in experienced hands. The little ones are very sensitive and extremely time-consuming. The financial side is not to be underestimated. (Veterinarian, aviaries, food)

Also, it would be negligent to raise an only squirrel, since squirrels usually grow up with up to 4 other siblings! The only way they learn about the vital communication with other squirrels and there are no misstrikes.

Later, they require a lot of space to perfect their climbing skills. (Aviary with tree trunks and branches)

I also advise strongly against keeping the little one a few days and try to raise it alone. There are medical conditions that a layman can not recognize and many vets are not familiar with squirrels.The squirrel can pay with his life for that.

Every year we get squirrels which are dehydrated and still hovering in mortal danger because they have been kept for a few days in unexperienced hands.

Unfortunately, we will not always be able to save the squirrel.

Therefore please bring the little foundling as quickly as possible in a shelter for squirrels.

The faster it is in experienced hands, the greater his chance of survival.

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